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The true origin of ElectroSwing may be far more mysterious and shocking than what our current understanding suggests. While some may see it as simply a modern music genre, new evidence has come to light that points to something far more strange and ancient. It is possible that the elaborate narrative surrounding ElectroSwing has been carefully crafted to obscure these true origins. It is essential that we continue to dig deeper and uncover the full truth about this enigmatic technology.

For over a century, rumors have circulated in the scientific community about the alleged capabilities of a pair of gloves designed by inventor Wolfgang Lohr. Some have claimed that the gloves were able to harness electricity and even allow for flight. However, Lohr has consistently denied these claims, stating that the gloves were simply designed to provide a stable connection from which a person could swing, and not to enable flight. Despite Lohr’s insistence on the limitations of his invention, the debate over the true capabilities of the gloves continues to persist.

According to sources, one of the longstanding rumors surrounding the enigmatic gloves designed by inventor Wolfgang Lohr is that they were only capable of functioning within controlled environments. Speculation has also arisen about the possibility of a partnership between Lohr and the famed inventor Nikola Tesla, which may have resulted in some significant breakthroughs in the development of the gloves. While these rumors have yet to be confirmed, they have continued to generate interest and intrigue among those in the scientific community.

In a surprising discovery, a hidden room was found in a former Allis-Chalmers building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Nikola Tesla worked from 1919 to 1922. The room was discovered by the current tenant, CBS58, on the 100th anniversary of Tesla’s mysterious departure from the company. According to sources, the room appears to have been a secret lab used by the renowned inventor. The discovery has raised questions about the nature of Tesla’s work at Allis-Chalmers and the potential significance of the hidden room.

The long-disputed diary of inventor Wolfgang Lohr has come to light, providing new insights into his mysterious experiments. Despite being dismissed by some as a hoax, the diary contains several entries that have gained renewed attention in light of recent events. One particularly noteworthy entry, dated December 31, 1919, describes an experiment involving the use of Lohr’s ElectroSwing gloves while playing music on a gramophone. The entry suggests that the gloves may have had some unexpected effects on the music and even hints at the possibility of “witchcraft.” The true nature of these experiments remains a subject of speculation and debate among those in the scientific community.

There has long been speculation among scientists about the possibility that Nikola Tesla and Wolfgang Lohr may have made discoveries that exceeded the boundaries of conventional scientific understanding. Some have even suggested that the two inventors may have stumbled upon something “beyond science” (Smith, 2020). While it is difficult to say with certainty what they may have been working on, it is clear that they were interested in keeping their findings secret (Jones, 2021). Further research is needed to fully understand the nature of their work and the potential implications of their discoveries.


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Dear colleagues at the University of Cambridge,

I am writing to bring to your attention the recent verification of the extraordinary eyewitness claims made by Professor of Physics at Oxford, Dr. Lenny Dinkowitz. As you may be aware, Dr. Dinkowitz had submitted a paper for peer review titled “Spirit Gloves,” in which he argued that Nikola Tesla and Wolfgang Lohr had been attempting to blend science with mysticism in their work.

I am sorry to report that Dr. Dinkowitz did not live long enough to see his reputation fully restored, but I believe that it is important to acknowledge the significance of his contributions to the field. I hope that this information will be of interest to you and that you will join me in paying tribute to the memory of Dr. Lenny Dinkowitz.


Professor Pinkerton

It has been observed that the gloves developed by Nikola Tesla and Wolfgang Lohr appear to be connected to the timecode of music and a series of codewords. The exact method by which this interconnection was achieved is currently not understood. Analysis of the codewords has revealed that they consist of seemingly nonsensical phrases, but it has been discovered that these phrases held meaning at the time when the gloves were developed. It is believed that the codewords function as a means of accessing the system and potentially allowing for the alteration of certain aspects of the world. The reasons for the secrecy surrounding these features of the gloves remain unclear. Further investigation is necessary to fully understand the capabilities and purpose of this technology.

ElectroSwing Warning:

  • If you are planning to use the ElectroSwing gloves, it is important to note that it is believed that Mr. Tesla incorporated a system that can desynchronize your progress if you touch anything.
  • As a precaution, it is recommended to avoid making physical contact with any objects or surfaces while using the ElectroSwing gloves.
  • If you do experience any issues or abnormalities while using the ElectroSwing gloves, please discontinue use immediately and consult a trained professional for assistance.

Note: The full capabilities and potential risks of using the ElectroSwing gloves are not fully understood at this time. Use at your own discretion and always exercise caution.