Our current day understanding of ElectroSwing is an elaborate narrative designed to keep the true origin of ElectroSwing hidden. Some would have you believe that ElectroSwing is a modern-day music genre.

But the truth is much more shocking.

New evidence reveals something stranger, something much older.

For more than a century it’s been claimed by some in the scientific community, that inventor Wolfgang Lohr designed a pair of gloves that could harness the power of electricity and the ability to fly. Wolfgang has always maintained that this was ridiculous, and the gloves never provided the ability to fly. Only a stable connection from which a person could swing.

One of the more famous rumors about the gloves is they would only work within controlled environments. It’s believed that a partnership with famed inventor Nikola Tesla may have led to some breakthroughs.

Wolfgang kept a diary where he talked about his experiments. Many dismissed the diary as a hoax. Some of his diary entry’s never made sense until now. One such entry dated Dec 31, 1919, he wrote. “Nikola and I were winding copper today for the swing couplers. We thought playing some music might make the time pass by a little faster. I was still wearing the ElectroSwing gloves when I placed the record on the gramophone. Something happened, I went someplace, I can’t describe it. Somehow the music sounds different. We suspect witchcraft”.

Many scientists believe that Nikola and Wolfgang tapped into something or some place beyond science. And it’s clear that they must have been onto something that they wanted to keep secret.

The extraordinary eyewitness claims from Professor of Physics Oxford, Dr. Lenny Dinkowitz have now been verified. In a paper he submitted for pier review titled Spirit Gloves, Dinkowitz claimed Nikola and Wolfgang where blending science with mysticism. Unfortunately he never lived long enough to regain his reputation.

It seems that Nikola and Wolfgang somehow interconnected the gloves with the music’s timecode and some codeword. How or why they did this isn’t understood. The codes seem to be nonsense words, but it turns out that they had meaning in their day. The code grants access to the system and allows you to alter the world. No one knows why they kept this so secret.

If you intend to experience ElectroSwing it’s important to note. We believe Mr. Tesla embedded a system that desyncs your progress if you touch anything.