(Available on Oculus App Lab)

“This is the best type of Spiderman swinging feeling I have ever played in any VR game ever.”


ElectroSwing is an exhilarating VR experience for people of all ages. Built to run natively on the Oculus Quest 2. When so many games focus on violence as their primary game mechanic. One of our core goals for ElectroSwing was to create a VR game suitable for families to play together.

So why wait? Get your Oculus Quest 2 and join the fun with ElectroSwing today!

ElectroSwing Controls

  1. The grip is used to pick up a record or activate the ElectroSwing beam.
  2. The Left Joystick is used to walk and control your swing.
  3. Trigger is used for selecting UI menus and keyboard input.
  4. B Button opens volume/options menu

How to play

Start by selecting a song. Move to a record in the room by using the joystick. Grab and hold a record using the grip button.

If you let go of the grip button you will drop your record. Pick it up. Please try not to drop records.

Move to the gramophone and place your record on the player.

There are 2 simple rules in ElectroSwing.

1. Reach the opposite platform before the song ends.

2. Don’t touch anything.

Reaching the end platform reveal’s a word from the 1920’s that unlocks the level.

The albums word will now appear in the song selection start scene. This indicates that you’ve completed the level, and unlocked the level generator.

The level generator is a seed system. This allows you to create new level challeneges and share unique levels you discover with other ElectroSwing Players.

The seed system takes any word you enter and converts it to a set pattern. This means that others can create the same level with your seed word. You’ll never know what your name or some random word may create.

Use the trigger on your controller to select Seed field, this activates your keyboard. Enter your seed word. Click the blue key on the keyboard when done.

Use the trigger to drag the selector, and choose your desired number of obstacles. Then click generate.

Seed words are tied to each record. So it’s important when sharing to indicate the albums word, number of obstacles, and your seed word.

The B button on your controller will bring up Volume, Menu and Game Exit options. Use the trigger to select.

Have fun creating challenging levels. Don’t forget to record when you can, and share your seed words on TicToc. Or whatever social media floats your boat.